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Cooperative Model


Since its' beginning, CAO Formaggi has built its entrepreneurial management upon ethical criteria specific to the cooperative model; operating responsibly and always searching to integrate social and ecological concerns into the business operations and interactions with the various stakeholders.

Environmental aspects

CAO Formaggi devotes particular attention to the environment and con sciously contributes to animal protection and the conservation of biodiversity and healthy soils.

In terms of reducing the environmental impact as a whole, they are committed to the adoption of green structures to ensure efficient use of resources and the implementation of practices for proper waste management.

These initiatives are accompanied by actions to increase staff awareness and promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles that are environmentalfriendly.

Social aspects

Social aspects play a central role to CAO Formaggi. Over 100 workers are employed in the current activity of milk processing.

The cooperative is inspired by the principles of justice, fairness and reciprocity, to both internal and external partners within the community. Thanks to the participation of its members and the positive relationship with the stakeholders, CAO Formaggi has created a value that benefits the who le territory on which it operates.

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