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CAO Quality

The quality assurance of CAO Formaggi

The quality assurance of CAO Formaggi was recognized in 2002 by obtaining the certification of the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001.

The commitment to the continual search for methods of processing, preserving and packaging combined with the technology and know how have helped to further improve corporate standards.

A testimonial to the continuous perseverance and tenacity in pursuing excellence, CAO Formaggi has embarked on the path of the IFS - FOOD Standard for Certification achieving the goal in 2008. This system of control was created in order unify safety standards for food sold on International markets. It was developed by a scientific committee made up by German, French and Italian GDO representatives.

In 2019 CAO Formaggi obtained the BRC certification, with which it guarantees the quality and safety of the food products offered to consumers. This quality standard represents a great opportunity for CAO Formaggi to demonstrate its constant commitment to food safety and the precise compliance with all the rules that regulate the food sector. An important prerequisite for exporting the products ensuring the company's strong reliability to the world.

All this was created with the attention towards the customer and with the understanding that the results obtained were not targets, but always new points of departure, with a goal for a continual improvement of products offered on the market.